Terms & Conditions



This agreement is between Paradizo and the students enrolled to any of Paradizo's choreography courses. By signing-up to a Choreography Course you agree with the terms and conditions below.


Prices and Payment

  • Advertised prices include GST

  • Paradizo offers special discounts for members which are stated on booking and advertised material. 

  • Discounts for members apply when membership is active, payments are up to date and expiry date is after the duration of the choreography course.

  • Payments are to be made by the 6th week of the choreography in full. 

  • Payment can be made in 2 installments upon request (only payable via cash): a 50% deposit required to secure your booking and the balance due on regular payment date.

  • You must pay a deposit or the full amount in order to secure your spot.

  • Choreography course fees are non-refundable as Paradizo commits resources based on number of students taking part on our courses and other students may miss the opportunity based on limited spots. 

  • If Paradizo cancels the choreography you have booked for, and you do not wish to transfer your booking to another choreography, a full refund will be provided.

  • Once your booking is confirmed, you are committed to pay the full fee for all the courses you have booked in, in full.

  • If you are injured or ill and you have to withdrawal from the choreography, we will discount a $40 administration fee plus the proportional amount to cover the classes you have attended and will keep the remaining as a credit in your account with us. The credit can be used towards most Paradizo services or products. Note: a medical certificate must be provided.

Attendance and Readiness

  • You must attend at least 70% of the course or you may be restricted from performing due to lack of readiness. (E.g. 9 Classes out of 12 Week Course)

  • When you miss training sessions, or if you don’t feel ready, you can book choreo catch-up private classes, which will bring you up to speed with the group.

  • Should the duration of the choreography course exceed the initial scheduled hours to master, a fee of $15 per hour will apply for subsequent classes. We encourage instructors to limit extra sessions to a maximum of 3-5 hours per choreography.

Extra Costs

  • The cost of the choreography course does not include costumes, accessories and shoes.

  • Some events require the performers to pay a full pass, or event ticket to perform (this is optional)


Copyright and Use of image

  • All choreographies taught by any of Paradizo instructors are property of Paradizo and are not to be used for any other unauthorized purpose than at Paradizo authorised events.

  • By signing up for any of Paradizo choreographies, you are authorizing the use of your image, captured in photos and/or videos during the performance or rehearsals, by Paradizo for any type of promotional purposes.


  • By signing-up to a Pro-Am Choreography you acknowledge and agree that classes may be physically strenuous and that you voluntarily participate. You also acknowledge and agree that  there is risk of personal injury, property loss or death. You agree that neither you nor your heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Paradizo, your instructor, or its members for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.


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