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We are going completely online!

 All you can dance! Dance your heart out with our Paradizo Dance Online Memberships. Unlimited access to an array of latin dance classes taught by professional instructors. Even though we have a beautiful studio in Albion, we are now going 100% ONLINE, so that you can now dance from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Thank you to all our amazing students for being so active and committed with their online attendance, and we look forward to meeting you online in our classes. 

How does it work?

We have an exclusive Facebook group for members that have access to all our online LIVE STREAMING CLASSES via Zoom, interactive chats, feedback from your instructors live, pre-recorded videos, tutorials, dance information, updates, and community online hangouts! 

You will get all your access once you sign up below for your ONLINE MEMBERSHIP! 

Join us today! 

What level are our classes?

OPEN - Open Level - these classes are available across all styles. This level is good for any level and is beneficial for all dancers. 

INT - Intermediate Level - More challenging and more in depth technical instruction

ADV - Advanced Level - These classes are more fast placed and are there to challenge the more experienced seasoned dancer. 

FITNESS - Fitness Class - We offer classes that will make you sweat! Great for keeping healthy, flexible and strong! 

We guarantee you’ll have countless laughs, meet new friends, and surprise yourself with how can you REALLY dance…but a WARNING: Latin Dancing is HIGHLY addictive! 


Contact us at anytime to understand more about what we offer and how we can get you dancing! 

Email: info@paradizodance.com.au

Phone: 0402 695 541

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