Fire in Albion
Fire in albion
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The Studio is no longer there, but
Paradizo and it's community is stronger!
Updated: 10th November 2021
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Join us
in our return!




The "THE BACHATA SOCIAL" on Mondays & "THE SALSA SOCIAL" on Tuesdays is now here, and not only that, we've got a kick butt social afterwards!

We will have classes from 6.30pm and social til 11pm in this amazing venue: THE ZOO. Starting 15th & 16th November happening every week, same place, same time. 

Monday Facebook Event:

Tuesday Facebook Event:


Monday Timetable:
6.30pm: Bachata Level 2/3 Mix
7.30pm: Bachata Level 1.5
7.30pm: Bachata Level 4
8.30pm: SOCIAL PARTY til 11pm

Tuesday Timetable:
6.30pm: Salsa Level 2
7.30pm: Salsa Level 1.5
7.30pm: Salsa Level 3 Mambo on 2
8.30pm: SOCIAL PARTY til 11pm

The Paradizo APP will be ready in for checkins by the weekend, thank you for your patience while we get it all up to date and ready.

To ensure that we can keep the venue busy & happy with our booty shaking, please buy a drink at the bar! 

VENUE: THE ZOO (Entrance on Ann St)
Address: 711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

$25 for one class & social
$40 for two classes & social in one night
$150 for 8 class pass ($18.75 per class)

If you are a membership holder, we will be automatically reducing your membership to a flat rate of $27/w to attend these classes and the weekly socials until we return back to a full schedule. If you would like to pause your membership and do only class passes instead, please send us an email by this Friday:

PLEASE NOTE: 20th and 21st November will be in a different venue for that week. We will keep you posted via facebook.

Updated 10th November 2021




📢 We hope this update reaches everyone because we just want to ensure you don't accidentally rock up at the studio not knowing what has happened.

Due to a fire over the weekend from the next door neighbors, everything we have built is GONE! Their fire took down our home and studio and everything that we own. We are thankful to be out alive! 

FULL STORY can be seen here:

Follow our story on facebook:


⚠️ Unfortunately classes are postponed until further notice. We need time to understand what to do and how to move forward for all of you, and for us too.


We will keep everyone up to date with everything regarding your memberships and courses + the interim plans for Paradizo as soon as possible!!


❤️ Thank you all for being so patient!

Thank you all for being so supportive with the love and messages and the donations which we are so incredibly grateful for. We are blown away, THANK YOU!

We are going to work endlessly to bring the paradizo family back together even better.


Xxxx Love Carlos and Chloe & The Paradizo Team 🙏🏼


Help us rebuild our lives and Paradizo's home:

If you have a question or worried about your current course, we will get in touch with you next week. Otherwise, feel free to send us an email: 

Thank you!

Updated: 5th November 2021